Shikle John David

Shikle John David is an effective catalyst in Planning and Executing multi-dimensional development of institutions. Vast experience in mentoring, building effective teams to bring about optimum performance, energizing and honing the stakeholders’ potential for selfdiscovery, promoting professional development and successfully driving strategies on empowering systems and individuals.

John David began his career as a teacher, he taught Science and English to middle school children and grew to senior school. He holds Master’s degree in Education and English from Osmania University and two decades of experience in teaching, administration, and training at various levels with school leaders, teachers, students and parents. He worked in several prestigious institutions in the country. His last assignment was at RUMI Education (RF Chandler Cooperation - Singapore) as Academic Head Training and Curriculum implementation. Prior to Rumi he was Principal for Aga Khan School (Aga Khan Foundation). He broke away from conventional learning structures and successfully designed and launched challenging child-centered curricula, integrating all disciplines. During his tenure, he led a team for SIP Conference organized by Aga Khan Education Services, at Tanzania and presented the action research on ‘Impact of School Improvement Program on AKES, I’.

A strong background of administration, people relations, coordination and counselling that gives him a clear perspective in understanding the needs of the students and teachers. His expertise lies in fostering a positive environment for children, and investigating causes leading to mediocre performances in students. As a very grounded and committed person, he has well-disciplined and organized work habits and takes a holistic approach to professional challenges. It is his belief that every child is very good at something and is waiting to be ‘discovered’.