Shikhar Malhotra

Shikhar Malhotra is the Vice Chairman of HCL Healthcare, the first healthcare organization of its kind that aims to address the primary healthcare needs of millions of Indians living in urban India. HCL Healthcare began its operations in 2014 in Delhi and is affiliated with Johns Hopkins International, USA. Shikhar has led the organization since it’s inception and continues to provide strategic direction to the overall operations of the company.
Shikhar is a Director & Board Member of the $7 billion enterprise, HCL Corporation. In his role as Director, Shikhar is responsible for strategic decisions regarding the overall direction of the Corporation and its new initiatives.
Shikhar is also a Trustee of the Shiv Nadar Foundation, which is focused on creating leaders for tomorrow through transformational education, creativity and art. The Foundation has established the SSN College of Engineering in Chennai, today among the top private engineering colleges in India, the Shiv Nadar University, the VidyaGyan Schools, the Shiv Nadar Schools and the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art. Shikhar brings a global outlook, strategic vision, a passion for social enterprise and institution building to the Foundation and drives its strategic initiatives and future roadmap.
Shikhar founded the Shiv Nadar Schools in 2012; Shiv Nadar Foundation's first foray into urban education with two schools launched simultaneously in Noida and Gurgaon, within the National Capital region of Delhi. A third school began operations in 2015 in Faridabad, another fast growing suburb of Delhi. In this short period, the schools have gained an enviable reputation in India's capital with its unique approach to education for life and to equip students with a skillset that will allow them to adapt to the ever-dynamic demands of the world. While the school focuses on academic excellence, it is its well-rounded student development initiatives that have stood out and gained recognition.
Shikhar was born in India and raised in Kuwait. He has an undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship from Babson College. He resides in Delhi with his wife Roshni and their two sons.