As one of the fastest growing democratic nations in the world, India has to be at the forefront of innovation and development. Sustained development requires strong educational infrastructure and leadership development institutions. With around 234 million Indians in the age group of 15-24 years, which is expected to increase by 13% over 2005-2020 compared to the world average of 4%, India is sitting on a huge reservoir of talent. However to take advantage of this demographic dividend, India must create institutions that promote inclusive research-led education inculcating the values of leadership and social awareness from school level itself.  
  All institutions of the Shiv Nadar Foundation are created with the vision of nurturing leadership throughout the spectrum of education and art.  
  VidyaGyan leadership academy aims to handpick the most meritorious, young students from the hinterlands of rural Uttar Pradesh and train them to become the best in the world by leveraging the power of extraordinary education.  
  Shiksha envisions to reform the education structure at the grass root level. Through a differentiated video-based, interactive learning method, Shiksha intends to encourage the curiosity of students, teachers and adults, increasing learning retention.  
  SSN is a world-class institution for technical education and scientific research for public good, making a positive difference to society through transformational education and empowering students from across all socio-economic strata of society.  
  Shiv Nadar University (SNU) is a research-led multi-disciplinary university with the mission of helping students acquire and develop knowledge, skills and leadership qualities relevant in the 21st century and beyond.  
  Shiv Nadar School (SNS) is an urban schooling initiative by the Shiv Nadar Foundation. Value-based education for urban children is the need of the hour and SNS is committed to create ethical, well-rounded, forward-looking, socially-aware, future citizens.  
  Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) aims to bridge the growing disconnect of the masses with art by making the masterpieces of contemporary artistic creations easily available. It also aims to instill a deep sense of artistic appreciation through various initiatives, exhibitions, performances and competitions.  
  My name is Sajid and I hail from a Muslim dominated belt. My father being a small farmer struggled to feed our family of ten. So even after being a topper in class, dreams of further studies were remote. VidyaGyan changed my life. Now I aspire to be a specialized doctor from one of the best of institutions of the country and one day I will return to my community to facilitate the health services for the underprivileged lot of people.  
  Sajid Ali, 15 years, VidyaGyan student    
  My father is physically challenged and owns a telephone booth at the Chennai Railway Station. We could hardly make ends meet with my father’s modest income, so pursuing higher studies and making a successful career as an engineer was impossible. It was a turning point in my life when the SSN management awarded me 100% scholarship. Today, I'm working for Oracle and live in USA. I reach out to more students like me to help them realize their dreams.  
  Pradeep Kumar S., SSN College alumni    
  Many students of VidyaGyan hail from villages, where the availability of clean drinking water is a rare luxury. After being inducted to VidyaGyan, some students of class 7 realized for the first time that drinking water could be colorless. The water at their homes had always been reddish brown with impurities. These young children of VidyaGyan wanted to share the joy of being provided clean drinking water every day with other members of their community. They tried until they succeeded. Last year students designed a filter as part of their science project that would provide clean drinking water to their entire village at zero maintenance cost.  
  VidyaGyan students, Class VII    
  VidyaGyan awarded the 'Best Educational Initiative Serving Social Cause' at the ASSOCHAM Education Excellence Award 2013   VidyaGyan recognized as 'A School for All Classes'
by People Magazine - 14th June, 2013
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