Philosophy of the Shiv Nadar Foundation
Shiv Nadar speaks with Moinak Mitra, from Economic Times
on “The Art of Giving”
Shiv Nadar Foundation ( one of India’s largest philanthropic institutions, is committed to change through institutionalized development. The Foundation identifies critical problems within the country and then transforms through long lasting innovative solutions in order to contribute towards nation building. The societal impact that it wants to create is a force multiplier, creating spirals of inspiration.

The avenues of transformation can be many but the Foundation thus far believes that education has the power to be the single most important tool for socio-economic transformation. A change is possible with both urban and rural intervention. Each institution under the Foundation is change in action.

SNF has spent 18 years in institutionalizing the key issue of education. The sole aim of the Foundation thus far has been to build institutions to create leaders of global reckoning by impacting the youth with quality education at school, graduate and post graduate levels.
  The Shiv Nadar Foundation is a strong believer of “Creative Philanthropy”. The most common approach to philanthropy has been to identify gaps and address them through time-bound, project-based large scale initiatives.

Creative philanthropy has the power to drive long term, sustainable, catalytic and multiplier impact for socio-economic transformation and change the future.
  Economic Times - 28th December, 2012  
Pillars of Transformational Education
Developing Skill
Most rural and semi-urban areas of India are still riddled with illiteracy and primary school dropouts. Shiksha initiative was designed as a creative, replicable and scalable solution to this problem. With the vision of eradicating illiteracy from India in the next 10 years, Shiksha started its journey by leveraging SNF’s expertise in transformational education and HCL’s technology prowess. It is an intervention program based on technology-enabled learning to bring about remarkable improvement in the quality of primary education and support the government in improving the quality of education. Shiksha is an accelerated technology-enabled literacy and enhanced learning program implemented through mass intervention in primary education (Class 1-5) with high-quality consistent content based on State Board syllabus and a technology-based mode of dissemination to instill learning retention among children. It attempts to augment the existing educational challenges by introducing video-based learning and periodic assessments, making the process of learning more interactive, fun and effective. Started in 2012, Shiksha has been implemented in 4 government schools till now and aims to scale up the intervention to 100 schools by 2014 and 50,000 schools by 2022.
Nurturing Talent
VidyaGyan is the most innovative rural philanthropic initiative of SNF. With over 70% of the Indian population living in rural areas and a large chunk of it being children and young adults, it is important to focus on potential rural talent. The knowledge of the disparity that exists between the rural children and their urban counterparts is staggering and needs to be bridged and that is what VidyaGyan is trying to achieve. VidyaGyan Leadership Academy was conceived and created to be at par with any other world-class institution. It is focused on creating leaders out of gifted children belonging to rural and very underprivileged backgrounds. It is a fully residential academy providing free education and intent on refining the leadership qualities of its students. Given the context of India’s illiteracy problem, VidyaGyan is a creative solution hoping to not just impact the students studying at VidyaGyan but also create spirals of inspiration for the entire state of Uttar Pradesh (one of the largest state of India - 200 million inhabitants, with high levels of illiteracy).
Building the Poor Man’s Doon School - Economic Times - 18th December, 2012
Fostering Leadership
Established in 2011, Shiv Nadar Schools are driven with the vision of creating ethical, respectful, happy and purposeful citizens of the society by providing them with an environment that challenges them into discovering their talent and skills. The leadership of SNS and the teachers have worked relentlessly for the past two years to inspire the joy of learning among the children by fostering a culture of creativity.
AHA ! Curriculum

Creating Knowledge
SSN Institutions ( was established in 1994 comprising the SSN College of Engineering, the SSN School of Management and Computer Applications and the SSN School of Advanced Engineering, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The SSN College of Engineering is already one of India’s top 20 private engineering colleges and it is the first Indian institution to offer MSIT program in collaboration with the renowned Carnegie Mellon University.
Building on the experience of successfully running the SSN Institutions, the Shiv Nadar Foundation has taken the next leap towards impacting India’s higher education needs with the Shiv Nadar University ( Built on a 286-acre campus the Shiv Nadar University is a multi-disciplinary, research-led university located in Greater Noida in India’s National Capital Region. SNU is a private philanthropic institution established by the Shiv Nadar Foundation in 2011 through an act of the State of Uttar Pradesh. The fully-residential University has been designed to accommodate 8,000 students and 1,000 faculty members. With its path breaking four-year undergraduate programs and research-induced curriculum SNU is designed in line with the best global practices in higher education.
Promoting Values
There is a distinct lack of institutional spaces that can bring visibility to modern art. The Kiran Nadar Museum of Art ( is India’s first private philanthropic museum archiving modern and contemporary art that was founded with the vision of increasing the artistic awareness of the common man. KNMA aims to instill a deep sense of appreciation for contemporary art by making it accessible to one and all in a world class facility.
SNF Focus SNF Snapshot
Shiv Nadar Foundation: Overview
  FOCUS • Transformational Education
• Making Available Democratized Opportunities
• Leadership Academies
  BELIEF Creative Philanthropy  
  STRATEGY • Generating Leaders - The Multiplier Strategy
• Creating Spirals of Inspiration
  GOAL Extraordinary Education + Innovators = Catalytic Leaders  
  INVESTMENT Shiv Nadar's commitment to spend 10% of his personal wealth (Rs. 1,800 crore spent till now)  
  TOTAL AREA 600 acres (built-up area: 25 lakhs sq. ft.)  
  TOTAL STUDENTS 5,000 (approx.)  
  ALUMNI 7,000 (approx.)  
Chief Minister of UP, Akhilesh Yadav’s visit to VidyaGyan
Akhilesh lauds VidyaGyan initiative - Asian Age - 17th December, 2012
‘Difficult Loves’ at KNMA, Saket
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‘Zones of Contact’ at KNMA, Noida

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