How is the KNMA a part of the Shiv Nadar Foundations education focussed activities?
How is VidyaGyan different from other schools?
Increasingly more and more corporate houses are entering the field of education. Is this because the state has failed in its duty to provide access to education to all?
Will you be building more initiatives / centers in other parts of India?
Would it not have been a better idea to fund and support existing institutions as is the norm in the west where corporate and personal endowments to universities is wide-spread? / How is it different from other educational initiatives?
Are these institutions financially sustainable?
Are these institutions for profit?
How many lives has the Shiv Nadar Foundation touched till date?
With the Shiv Nadar Foundation, how many scholarships have you given to meritorious students from economically challenged classes?
How is the Shiv Nadar Foundation funded?
How do you bring innovation to philanthropy?
What made Shiv Nadar turn his attention towards philanthropy?
Why is the Shiv Nadar Foundation's major focus on education?
What is Shiv Nadar's current role at HCL?