How You can contribute


How You can contribute

The Shiv Nadar Foundation works in the area of transformational education and with your participation we can enhance our impact many times over. It is only with your support and financial contributions that we can make larger strides, in our journey to provide quality educational opportunities to students, transforming their lives.

You can contribute to the Shiv Nadar Foundation in the following ways:

Unrestricted Support

Critical resources which meet some of the greatest needs across the Foundation are provided through unrestricted support. The flexible nature of these gifts provides the margin of excellence between a good program and an outstanding one.

Create an Endowment

An endowment establishes a fund managed by the Shiv Nadar Foundation, which provides perpetual, annual support to the school, college, or university program that you have chosen to support.

Supporting a Special Project

If you are passionate about education, the Shiv Nadar Foundation gives you the opportunity to get truly involved and fund a project at any of the schools or at the undergraduate and university levels.

Our staff will help you choose the kind of project you want to fund and find one that fits with your ideals and needs. You will receive regular updates and the opportunity to visit, engage and observe how your money is making a positive impact.

Give Through Your Pay

Payroll giving is among the easiest, most tax efficient ways to donate toward a social cause which is close to your heart. The Shiv Nadar Foundation provides this easy platform for contributing towards its activities and initiatives.


Your gift can bring hope to several thousand students. Help us weave a better tomorrow.