Why we do it

The Shiv Nadar Foundation is alinged to Shiv Nadar’s personal vision that education can transform not just the future of individuals but also the society as a whole.

Shiv Nadar believes that Philanthropy is a state of mind. Eighteen years ago when he started the Foundation, it was just a leap of faith for him. It was a beginning that emanated from his mother’s belief that it is time for him to return to the society and use his skills and learning for a larger social cause. He chose education because he is a product of education himself and believes that education can be the single largest tool for large-scale, high impact transformation. Education empowers individuals and is vital to reap India’s demographic dividend.   

More than a philanthrophist, Shiv Nadar believes himself to be a social entrepreneur and as such he sees enormous potential in the rural population of India, which accounts for almost 70% of India's total population. This potential can only be leveraged through high-quality education and as such it is of utmost imoportance to the future development and growth of the country that the strongholds of quality education be created not only in the urban areas but semi-rural and rural areas as well.