VidyaGyan ( began as a radical concept in social enterprise that aimed to induct and transform meritorious rural children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, by providing them free, world class education at VidyaGyan.

This initiative is being executed in partnership with the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

This powerful initiative enables many of these children transcend the disadvantages they face and compete with their urban counterparts. VidyaGyan also provides them the finest mentoring and nurturance and provides them the opportunity to become tomorrow’s world leaders.

SNF foundation inaugurated its first VidyaGyan School on August 8, 2009, in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. The first school has been successful in piloting this model and two more schools are coming up in other parts of the state of Uttar Pradesh, to leverage this model of school education for less privileged children.

In a 5 year timeframe, the project aspires to set up a chain of 3 such schools that will enroll 4200 students across Uttar Pradesh and other states in North India.

The first batch of 200 rural 5th grade toppers from across 20 districts of UP, passed on to 7th grade and another 400 from 40 districts joined grade 6 in VidyaGyan's second academic year, this July. The Foundation hopes that this will raise many more aspirations and contribute to levelling the urban-rural divide and inspire many others to undertake more such initiatives.