How do we do it

The current initiatives of the Shiv Nadar Foundation are unique as they are not working towards mass outreach in education but are trying to drive high impact education for the meritorious students of the country, irrespective of their social circumstances, financial background or gender. In the last 18 years the Foundation has invested over Rs. 1800 crore and impacted almost 15,000 students who are ready to become the leaders of tomorrow and contribute significantly towards nation building.
The Shiv Nadar Foundation believes in the concept of creative philanthropy. Creative philanthropy is a powerful model that has its roots in the US and exists in the form of institutions that go beyond the lifetime of its founders and continue to impact future generations. It is an approach that allows sustained institutionalized philanthropy for long-term high impact socio-economic transformation. The avenues of transformation can be many but the Foundation believes that education has the power to be the single-largest tool for socio-economic transformation.
Creative philanthropy has the power to drive long term, sustainable, catalytic and multiplier impact for socio-economic transformation and change the future. The Foundation has been created on the core philosophy of building lasting institutions of excellence in education to impact not just the lives of individuals but to drive a force multiplier impact on individuals and communities for long term sustained transformation.